SP’s Versa-Line approach offers complete aseptic fill-finish manufacturing solutions, with an expert team to support the customer from concept through installation, to education and ongoing support. SP Versa-Lines are compact, modularized units for every step of the fill-finish process and include Line of SightTM lyophilization systems with integrated Process Analytical Technology (PAT) tools. Together, these provide flexibility and customization at every scale of biopharmaceutical manufacture and underpin a considerable return on investment driven by patient safety, regulatory compliance, and speed to market.

Vial Washers

The RW vial washers can guarantee a three log reduction of particulate without the..

Tunnel Loaders

SP offers a uniquely simple, yet effective, method of loading vials into the tunnel. The..

Depyrogenation Tunnels

The depyrogenation tunnel can guarantee thermic cycles regardless of pressure fluctuations within the clean room..

Aseptic Fillers

The SY, BI & LI series is a line of filling equipment for injectables, oral,..

Capping Machines

The CRS, BI and LI models offer closing solutions for injectable, oral, nasal spray and..

External Vial Washers

Vials filled with potent drugs such as antibiotics, cytotoxics and cytostatics need to be cleaned..

Lyophilizer Loading Equipment

Lyophilizer Loading Equipment features consistent loading with the same number of vials per tray, and..


If vial collection is required, SP has customized trayloaders for your application and your tray..

Peripheral Equipment

To integrate your aseptic filling line you will need peripheral equipment, such as: a Multi-Lane..

Full Advanced Aseptic Vial Processing Line

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